Performance monitor with gpu times?


I wonder if gpu times could be added to the performance monitor?
Some kind of frame capture that breaks down gpu usage?
Maybe with the option to average a few frames for more accurate results?

Also I wonder if the perform chop could have a gpu frame time?

Middle clicking on nodes and containers to see gpu usage has been a great addition but it’s not so easy to get an overall view (it can be hard to track down how the chilren gpu cook times add up to the time seen on a container).

Thank you!


Yes! Some other thoughts that are not specific to just gpu, but feel relevant here:

  1. middle mouse clicking shows inaccurate cook times, especially for cpu time ( not sure it affects gpu readouts). It’s good for relative performance comparisons, but absolute numbers are always higher during the middle mouse click/hold. You can observe this by putting an info chop down and monitoring cpu cook time.

  2. when using the performance monitor. The analyze and cook time threshold are useful. But when I want to capture ambient cook times and breakdowns of a frame, while I’m say moving my mouse or some continuous function, it can be quite challenging. I have to find that magic threshold where I might trigger the capture, and swing my mouse wildly around the screen with out leaving the window, or triggering it accidentally by crossing over certain elements etc. Would be nice if a capture could be triggered via python or some bound hotkey.


For 2. yes it could be nice to have something like manual start capture/end capture and then get the average, both for cpu and gpu, I remember I would add lfos and other things always cooking to simulate performance with mouse interaction when I had to!

I would still also like something automatic with an option to select how many frames to average for non interactive stuff, in addition to single frame + threshold

clever idea with the lfo’s, yeah true can simulate mouse interactions pretty much entirely with the python stuff. Will remember that for now.

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