Permanent installation, safe shutdown, bootup?

Hey all,

I’m building something and I’m hoping to have an embedded Touchdesigner machine in it. I would really like to not have a monitor, so the client plugs it in, the thing turns on and runs, client unplugs it, the thing shuts off.

I’m clear on power on startup, and setting TD in the startup scripts, but how to I make sure the computer is safe when someone unplugs it? I know I can put a “Smart-UPS” but is there a way to just do this in windows?

not just windows - you could add a button to your UI that both turns off TouchDesigner and windows. But windows doesn’t have a safe way to turn off if the power is interrupted. If the whole system is packaged up, then a small UPS would be an easy direction on this.

Thanks Matthew! Do you have any UPS suggestions? I was looking at this