Philips Hue


has somebody experience with connecting Philips Hue to touch? Curently i am balancing reasons to buy it…


I tried with this and was able to get them to react, but the hue doesent really support ‘real time’ control. you can sort of turn them on and off but Im not sure if the library has gotten any better… … python_hue

Turning the lights on and off does make for an interesting python lesson however…

Interesting device.
What’s the bottle neck for realtime performance?

I found that the biggest bottleneck for performance was the RESTful API. Also, the bulbs are setup to make full spectrum white, and thus their green performance is not so great, so colors that look right on paper do not come out as saturated as one would hope

Well after few tester… i can access to my HUE Light from TD. And i can control Brightness, Hue and Saturation, turn on/off each light… i tried with 3 of them. Also can make transitions between them…

So i connected to all my sensor device to make interactive stuff… nice sweet and WIRELESS!!

But you need to install this 2 library to make it work right! (for this one after install “pip install phue”, you need to download the zip from the link, unzip it and copy folder phue-maste (i renamed to phue) to site-packages in python folder)

after that you can add python code and configure them…

And yes there is a bottleneck, if you connect a slider to hue/sat/bri the FPS goes down to 4-5… but if you send a constant parameter works fine and fast


hue light.png

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Oh interesting, do you have a sample TD project to post that implements this? I totally want to control my lights at home from TD and I have a mix of Hue, Artnet, and sACN stuff

you have the info in the previous picture :smiley:

old thread here, but some new tricks.

I’ve been working with zoe sandoval to add extensions and make a more modular approach for this puppy. Took a moment to clean-up the documentation as well, so there’s at least a little get you started.

If you’re interested, you can take a look:

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Hello @raganmd I tried few times your files in 2 different computer, and get always same problem trying to connect to my bridge with ip

And i have library installed and everything in the place… becasue my old files still working

any idea?? :open_mouth:


Ahhh - I think I need to update some of the documentation.

First, make sure that you’re starting with a toe file you’ve already saved to a location on your computer. Next use the TOX from the directory called “release”. When you drop that TOX into your project it should do a little house keeping and run some python scripts.

Next, are you pressing the button on your hue bridge before you pulse the “Set-up Individual Lights” parameter? That’s the bit that should handshake with the hue and make sure you’re able to retrieve the dictionary of lights.

Thanks! now it works.


Glad to hear it’s working!


I want to use this Hue node for one of my project, but when I import the TOX, I have an error and I don’t know how to fix that. Can someone helps me ?


Hi MFagniard,

Matthew here - what version of the tox are you using?

Hi @raganmd,

Sorry for the latish reply.

I’m using the TOX in the release folder. I don’t have any error when i’m importing the TOX.
I’m entering the IP adress and pressing the button of the Hue bridge, and the error appears when I’m pressing the set up individual lights parameter.


Can you post the error message from the text port?

Hi @raganmd,

That’s the error.


hey MFagniard - I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what was going on here, and I think it’s actually the build you’re using.

Looks like you’re still on 2017.16620. Can you try updating your Touch build to see if that makes a difference?

Hi @raganmd,

I’m having some problems connecting the tox to my bridge too. Here are the text port errors I am getting:

I have followed everything methodically (use a saved toe file and use the tox in the release folder, etc.) and am able to control the lights from my computer with code, but am having several problems getting it to work in TD.

Hope you can help!


Hi @charliej99 - what I can see right off the bat is that the python version for the latest TouchDesigner is 3.9 and this module hasn’t been updated since the change from Python 3.7. I should be able to look at this during the week and see if I can get an update pushed to github.

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