Phong Material to Box = extremely low quality

Hi all,
I am trying to place a visual on a 3D shape by using a Phong material.
When I put my phong on a 3D sphere, the quality of my first visual is fine. However every time I put it on another shape (box for example), the first visual is extremely zoomed in, and has a super low quality. I have tried to put it on Color Map, Null Map, or Emit Map, the render is still the same
Does someone knows how to keep the quality of the first visual I made on such a shape?

Hi @paulinekess welcome to the forum!

One thing to consider here is your UV map on you geometry - by default the box SOP has texture coordinates that match up to a “Box.” You might instead try setting this to “Face Outside”:

This would place your texture on each face of the box.

Another way to approach the texture coordinates of your surface operators is with a texture SOP:

This will give you a handful of ways to change how to texture your geometry.

Great! Thank you Matthew