Photoshop In TOP Alternative

Since the Photoshop In TOP does not update while creating a stroke, I wonder if there is any Spout-compatible drawing application out there, that would allow realtime painting in several documents?

I’ve recently discovered Krita. I don’t know how it’s spout/syphon support is, but it’s a lovely tool for brush work, and producing tiling textures.

since NDI support has been added, you could use Spout->NDI or Syphon->NDI to send inputs from another system on the network this way.

I asked on the Krita forum a while back for Spout support, but it’s not important enough I guess.

Following your note I could not find the NDI support in Krita, has this to be activated?

Did you find a solution to get image from any drawing software ?

I found a solution with After Effect. There is a Syphon/Spout AE plug in and if you use a full alpha layer in AE (made in PS), you can draw directly in TD with the great AE tools (pencil, brushes, bezier etc.) without delay.