Physarum Transport Network in GLSL

A while ago after asking around, @timgerritsen was kind enough to share a simple example with GPU particles using a GLSL compute shader. Other than learning about how to setup the shader, I implemented a slime mold simulation based on this paper.

I thought it’s my turn to share the file. I’ve also added a few other forces and tricks to achieve some interesting looks.

GLSL_compute.toe (16.8 KB)


supercool, thx for sharing your work!

woow… amazing!!!

Doesnt support in 2021 : (

Hy ch3

Thank you for sharing.
There seems to be a problem with the shader, do you know if TD update their shader or do we have to change some stuff in Glsl shader to make it work in 2022 :slight_smile:
Thank again for sharing your work.
Best Regards

Oh it’s been a while… and I am stuck with an older version so I can’t check how it runs on newer versions. I am hoping to update soon, so I will take a look when the time comes and see if I can fix and republish.
Thank you for pointing it out.

there may be some other things not quite working as they were, but I was able to get things moving again by starting playback for the local time of the comp, and hitting the “1” key to do a reset of the simulation.

Weirdly I have to tap the 1 key up to several times to get it to work.
GLSL_compute_2021.toe (16.2 KB)


aah yeah, at the time I didn’t know much about the local time, something that was inherited from another scene.
Thank you for updating it Lucas

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Thank you very much guys!!!
best regrads!