Pitch CHOP operator...Where did it go?


I was wondering where did the Pitch CHOP operator go…?
The wiki page says it was renamed Audio Pitch Shift but can’t see it either…

Can anybody help?


This node looked awesome. Would love to know what the status of Audio Pitch Shift is, or a quick and dirty way of doing pitch shift with what we’ve currently got.

Sorry, the Pitch CHOP had unsatisfactory artifacts, and our attempt to rewrite it as the Audio Pitch CHOP didn’t go well either, so we dropped it. wiki edited. I see VLC Media Player keeps decent constant pitch if you speed the movie up/down up to about 25%, so we may look at its method again in the future.

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There is also the very good “Impluse media player” with the “Bass Library” (bass.net) that do it pretty well.

That bass.net link seems to go nowhere. Does anyone know of good VST plugins that do pitch shift?