Pitch recognition for live audio in TD


I’m trying to create a visual that responds accurately to the pitch of a melodic line. I’ve tried a clunky way (filtering out certain bands using Band EQ and Para EQ), but this is really the opposite of what I want, and the filters work to reduce rather than eliminate bands of sound.

I am working with audio not midi, and microtonal pitches rather than standard tempered ones.

Would the best method be to send (converted MIDI) messages from Max/MSP (but it would cripple my system to have both programmes running)? Or is there a way of doing this in TD? Or an alternative lighter programme to interface with TD?

Thanks for any advice on working this out!

I’ve done something similar in the past using Max/MSP (sigmund~) object and sending the data to TD and had no issues. It all depends on what you are trying to run. I often find myself using Max for complex audio and just communicating between the two. Hope that helps!

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Thanks! I’ll try that first then.

I’m not sure what good pitch detection tools there are out there generally, but the VST plugin called MTuner ouputs pitch as MIDI note number and fraction as two parameters: Plugin installer | MeldaProduction Just install MTuner and point your Audio VST CHOP to its .vst3 file and feed it sound. Enable MIDI etc. Can’t see it does well with complex music. Maybe if you send it a separated vocal or instrumenal track. Microtonal pitches… seems not accurate enough.

AudioPitchDetect.7.toe (42.7 KB)

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