Pixel mapping hardware recommendations

Just learning my way with pixel mapping. I’m looking at building a setup for controlling LEDs, currently building a screen with 3300 LEDs, but want a flexible setup for possibly larger/more demanding projects in the future.

The criteria I know I have (a) simple setup/workflow, (b) ability to control many pixels, © good refresh rates. After doing a bit of research Advatek PixLite 16mkII and Falcon 16V3 seems to be great options, I imagine I can use the DMX out CHOP as in this tutorial by Ben Voigt and Markus Heckmann (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShYYcr30vJw)

Firstly, is one better than the other on these criteria (they seem comparable to me). Secondly, am I forgetting any important criteria when evaluating these options?

Also, people here seem to vouch for Advatek’s gear, anyone who’s worked with Falcon?

Only worked with the Advatek, but enjoy it very much.

I highly recommend the Advatek for this exact scenario. In your case with only 3300 LEDs you could even use the smaller PixLite 4 MkII.

That tutorial is great and will do just what you need.

Thanks a lot for that tutorial Ben, super informative and inspiring!

I might just go for Advatek since more people in the community seem to use it =]

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