Pixelated type in a noise top

Hi TD-community!
iridescent aesthetic.toe (27.1 KB)
I’m playing around with making an iridescent look in Touchdesigner, but I’m having a bit of trouble when I add text into a noise top. Like my resolution is 1080 x 1080 on everything, but somehow the text seems kinda pixelated with a hard edge:


I’ve attached my network .toe here.

All ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Hi Synkron, The Slope TOP magnifies any artifacts of anti-aliasing and hard edges. I’m using 40K by the way: I changed the Text TOP to Polygon so I could change the anti-aliasing to its maximum, improves it a lot. I added a 1-pixel blur after that (optional). Then I changed it to composite the text and noise in a Composite TOP to get more choices in how the images are combined… Exclude is good. A blur after the Slope does similar stuff as the blur before.iridescent aesthetic.2.toe (27.7 KB)

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Hi Greg,

Thank you so much! Will look into this ASAP.

(Update) Looks like this is the way to go :slight_smile: