Plans for Network Sync/Distribution architecture?

I know various versions of this have been cooked up/asked about etc. in the past but I’d really like to know if there’s any plans for building a stock multi-machine network backbone into TD itself for sync and media distrubution? SyncIn/Out CHOPs are available to Pro users(which I am) but it’s such a small piece of the puzzle. To my knowledge there’s never been any published examples of practical setups either.
It’s literally the only reason people still use watchout and others…I know it would be difficult to implement a “universal” system considering the rest of the platform’s flexibility but it’s just such an integral part of video work that it would be excellent to have something rock-solid that can be depended on between builds etc. Perhaps this could tie into other requests for a proper timeline widget? :wink:

Hi there,
You might check out Keith Lostracco’s fantastic Fusion:
It has a lot of the functionality you speak of, and more.

Also of note, Tim Franklin is working on a wonderful timeline component:

@bLackburst Noted and thanks for the prod. We do have it on a planning list, but its rather far down that list and not front burner. We have a number of huge initiatives currently which will take us through this year. Noting your need for it though and its always good to know how many people actively want it.