Play a video once - stop videos from looping

Hey All,

I have a video that I’d like to press a button to get it to only play once and I’ve been racking my head trying to figure out how to stop videos from looping.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple.

So far the best I could do is set the play mode on a MovieFileIn to “Locked to Timeline”.

But I have multiple videos I need to trigger only once and I’m not sure how to set the timeline to the length of each video. I’m sure it has something to do with the TimeComp, but here is where I seem to get a little lost.

Appreciate any clues!

On the ‘Trim’ page change ‘Extend Right’ = Hold. Then when it gets tot he end it will stop. Extend Left is for if it is playing backwards, Hold would then park it at first frame if playing backwards.

Using this in Sequential Mode, when you want to restart the movie hit the Cue Pulse button with Cue set to whatever frame/time you want it to start from.

Perfect! Thank you - one small correction the ‘Extend Right’ parameter is on the ‘Trim’ page

Oops, thanks, editted.