Player Index not showing anything on Kinect TOP

Hi all,
First time posting here, and I figured this would be the best place to reach out for some help/diagnosis. I recently just started using TouchDesigner and wanna get off the ground by following tutorials and such. For that, I am unable to see anything when I select ‘Player Index’ to only capture my silhouette. It’s just a black screen.

I made sure I downloaded the right SDK, as per the documentation page for set up, even dug around the code files. If it helps, I am running the 099 version and have the Kinect v1 1473 model. Its a possibility that this model doesn’t support Player Index, but I want to make sure before working around it. I flipped through using Depth and Raw Depth to accomplish what I want, but it’s kind of the opposite.


me too ,help help help

Hi Did you ever figure out the KinectIndex issue?