Please add Screen Space Reflection

Just like SSAO , It may make a huge improvement for the 3D rendering, thanks!

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I’m with you on that :slight_smile: We are most likely waiting on the Vulcan port before any new fun layers get added on top of what we already have.

In the mean time, check out this repo:

A beautiful write up on SSR here. Very implementable.

The challenge with all of these implementations and TD modules that currently exist in their own way, is that they are not very efficient. A lot of it has to do with not having a common (and efficient) gbuffer format that all shading effects can build off of.

ie. Some implementations use world space normals, some use camera space normals. some implementations you can find use reconstructed depth, others use sampled depth. some are deferred, some are not.

A lot of extra work gets done or done again due to this. One other thing needed is a common framework that all implementations can be built off of.

Just some side info about this subject I have been thinking a lot about lately :slight_smile: