Please clarify license situation about touchengine with Screenberry and linux

Dear all,

I read this: [TouchEngine - Derivative] (sorry no link is allowed to add)

" [Screenberry] - A modular, powerful, multi-platform media server. [Read our blog] introducing-touchengine-and-front-pictures-screenberry-integration/64140 about integration of TouchEngine API."

There is no licensing fee or royalty required to make use of TouchEngine within your software package. It can be included in any software package for free, and the feature becomes enabled by the end-user installing a paid TouchDesigner or TouchPlayer license on the machine (Educational, Commercial, or Pro , see [Licensing] for details). Additionally TouchDesigner or TouchPlayer must be installed on the system to use TouchEngine.

And the blog entry:


Screenberry is also a multi-platform media server. It supports Windows and Linux, and can be run on virtually any x86-compatible hardware – from microcomputers to powerful top-notch workstations capable of serving dozens or even hundreds of output devices.

So as my understanding, with that it’s possible to run touchengine on linux.
But there is written, that a installation of touchdesigner is necessary on the same machine for licensing. How that works with Screenberry and linux?
Or is there a touchdesigner linux port?

TouchDesigner and thous TouchEngine still is only supported on MacOS and Windows.
Screenberry on Linux does not support TouchEngine.

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