Please recommend a good projector for projection mapping

Currently I am looking for a projector to study the media facade.
I want to use it during the day.
(Not at all, it will be used inside the building.)

I have $ 1500 to $ 2000.

  1. 4K
  2. ANSI-Lumens
  3. Contrast Ratio

Which should be the priority?

I do not have much money, so I have to make a choice.
(I would like to use a laser projector to reduce the delay time, but I did not have the money and I excluded it.)

with your budget i will look at something like the panasnonic PT-VZ580 series, nice resolution (WUXGA), 5K lumens and a handy 1.09 to 1.8 trow ratio. I

Most affordable 4K projectors do pixel shifting which might look weird when you point a camera or phone at… and they are probably quite dim at your price point.

The performance looks great, but the price is more expensive than my budget. :astonished: :astonished:

I suggesr you to look at the range of Benq projectors, 1080p, 4K and even short throw, low price and excellent video quality, I had great results in my performances even on large surface

You can buy GooDee 2020 Upgrade HD Video Projector. It;s 4k and affordable to buy.