PoeLidar extract TUIO cursor info from oscin message

Hey everyone I bought a PoeLidar that sends TUIO data but sadly TD only supports (Object TUIO) and the lidar only sends cursor and blobs, so I needed up using osin to read the messages but I’m struggling on how to turn them into a nice uv table, if you can help me it would be great.
The message I’m getting (one hand):

/tuio/2Dcur "source" "LidarTouch TUIO Server@" /tuio/2Dcur "alive" 538 /tuio/2Dcur "set" 538 0.1510808 0.5056921 -inf inf nan /tuio/2Dcur "fseq" -1

so the two numbers after the “set” 538 are the wanted ones, I tried to convert this message into a table with space as a filter but how to choose those two cells (keeping in mind that when putting another hand in the lidar field the message and order will change and becomes like):

/tuio/2Dcur "source" "LidarTouch TUIO Server@" /tuio/2Dcur "alive" 548 550 /tuio/2Dcur "set" 548 0.8354977 0.9397505 -inf -inf nan /tuio/2Dcur "set" 550 0.2283882 0.2799966 inf inf nan /tuio/2Dcur "fseq" -1

I really appreciate any help, keeping in mind I’m a noob but when it comes to python :slight_smile: