Point cloud direction, developpement, tutorials

Hello, I have found this on you tube and almost dropped dead when I saw it!

I wanted to share with community, just in case anyone is running out of ideas for tutorials about pointcloud.
After a small chat with creator, he gave us a massive tip; No need for expensive kinect state of the art.
This was made with a 360 camera using photometrie, not sure which one, insta360 I suspect.
I believe its just a matter of taking few 360 shots and upload of site type matterport in order to get a 3d model with texture, then maybe , no sure how convert this into a simplified pointcloud we could get to work in TD maybe using Unity before loading in TD.
There is plenty of really cool techniques in this video, for example points becoming lines, subtle displacement of points in a certain radius, bloom glow 2d effect, turn whole thing into a tornado…
If we could get this to run real time , in VR even, would be extremely cool.


just found this. very interesting

Here’s another similar project https://twitter.com/MichaelSungaila/status/1251777262099156992?s=20

The key tool is Agisoft Metashape. You can use ordinary 2D images not necessarily 360. Reality Capture is similar software.

groovy thx for that, I had already my own little playlist about unity here hehe

Not much hope with this shit of a laptop 820m at the minute, but the day will come! the 1080ti is in a box and me in a van. lol, I should really not torture myself.

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