Point Cloud to SOP

Is there a way to convert Point Cloud (kinect) to SOP (to .obj or .fbx format)?

Or recorded .exr files to SOP

Hey, did you find a solution?

Hey @greslau,

Pointclouds are brought into TouchDesigner as textures (TOPs) so to move them into SOP world, first use a TOP to CHOP as described in the “point cloud” example of the TOP to CHOP OP Snippet’s.
Once in CHOPs, use a CHOP to SOP to convert the whole thing into geometry. You can follow this with a Add SOP which allows for deleting all geometry but keep the points.


Hey Markus, thanks for a very prompt response!

I followed your suggestion however the output of Chop To SOP looks drastically different than the input point cloud - see attached picture.

I did swap the channel scope in the Chop to SOP from tx ty tz to x y z, to reflect RGB channels in the original TOP.

Is ther any other operation I would have to do?

Hi @greslau,

from the number of samples in the TOP to CHOP it looks like you didn’t change the Crop page parameters - it looks like it only crops a row instead of the full image?
Another parameter to change is the “Output as Single Channel Set” to prevent every row creating it’s own channel. As a safety precaution also using “Exclude NaNs” can be useful.

To see only parameters that have changed, it can be useful to click the “bullseye” button in the parameter dialog.