Point file select top on project launch

TD 2022.35320
Windows 11
Nvidia RTX A5000

I can’t figure out what’s happening exactly, but in some projects the point file select will not pull data from it’s targeted point file in TOP:

Here’s a closer look at the point file select TOP:

I can’t seem to replicate this behavior with a simplified network, but it does consistently happen for me int his TOE file:
day2.toe (289.6 KB)

Starting the project and then navigating to:
/base_day2/base_instancing_and_point_clouds you should see the same as the above screenshots.

I should add that to resolve this, bypassing and unbypassing or force cooking the point file select usually resolve the issue…but in some cases I’ll have to repeat that process multiple times.

Hey @raganmd

Thanks for the report.

I can see the issue and it’s logged for a dev to look into it.


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Thank you! So glad I’m not crazy.

So it looks like the issue here is an internal conflict between the two different point file select nodes in that network. There’s a bug we recently discovered elsewhere that can cause problems when multiple instances of an op have dynamic menus of different sizes. In your case the one point file select has fewer fields than the other and this is sometimes cropping the field parameter values causing it to display the wrong data.

I’m working on a fix now.



Thanks for tracking this one down.