Point Grey FL3 - Spinnaker library dropping frames in Touch


Not the most experienced user here but having a little trouble getting my Point Grey FL3-USB3.1 camera working properly.

The Spinnaker SDK seems to be working well, as does my USB chipset. When I launch the application “Spinview” the device shows up on the USB interface and I receive and process 120hz.

If I launch Touch Designer and enable a “video” TOP and select the Spinnaker library the following happens :

  • Capture is limited to 60fps in both Touch Designer and Spinview.
    This only happens once Touch Designer and the “video” top has been activated.
  • If I inspect with a CHOP info I can see that half of the frames are being dropped.
    The info chop also reports capture fps at 60_fps
  • Even if I decrease the image format to 640x480 these symptoms persist

On the “videodevicein” top the “options” tab is greyed out. I assume this is normal when selecting the Spinnaker library? Any ideas are appreciated.

What do you have the TouchDesigner timeline set to? Is that set to 120hz? Are you running on a 120hz monitor?

I switched the main FPS in T.D. to 120FPS and that changed the Capture_FPS in T.D. to 120.
However the info CHOP says it is still dropping more than half the frames. This is my only measurement of the frames received in Touch Designer. The frame rate looks normal on my 60hz display which makes sense.

This is with the “Spinview” Application closed.

If I open “Spinview” up FPS is back down at 6o_FPS. both “Spinview” and “Touch Designer”

I don’t have a 120hz display right now. My intent is to capture at 120FPS and feed this into cache TOP for usage in a slow motion replay system. Playing back the frames from a cache select TOP.

The main TD interface can’t run faster than your monitors refresh rate, since it’s synced to it. If you go into perform mode there is an option in the Window COMP to turn off vsync, which may get you up to 120hz.

Thanks for the support. I’ll give that a try and also get a 120hz display.