Point SOP's me.inputColor broken

The expression me.inputColor doesn’t work in the Add Color fields of the Point SOP:

1. Create a Point SOP and set its first input to some geometry with a Cd point attribute… Without any changes, the Point SOP is set to Keep Color, and indeed, the colors on the points are maintained.

2. Set the Point SOP to Add Color. This will set the expressions to:

diffr: me.inputColor[0]
diffg: me.inputColor[1]
diffb: me.inputColor[2]
alpha: me.inputColor[4]

You would think that this would have the null effect, and the colors would pass thru unchanged… but you’d be wrong. The colors are set to white (Cd[n] are all 1).

3. Change the expressions to:

diffr: me.inputPoint.Cd[0]
diffg: me.inputPoint.Cd[1]
diffb: me.inputPoint.Cd[2]
alpha: me.inputPoint.Cd[4]

Now the color is passed thru correctly.

The attached .toe file demonstrates this
PointSOP Issue.2.toe (3.7 KB)

my system:
TD: 2021.12380
OS: Mac 10.15.7
GPU: Radeon Pro 580 8 GB

Thanks for the report!

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