POINTCLOUD help please

Hello everyone I been trying to visualize a point cloud on Touch Designer the last few days, but every time I put a camera and a render node It keeps empty; even though the nodes are correct according to 3 tutorials and the documentation here you have some pics. I am using the free version of the software, idk if there is any limitation when using point clouds with this version

Hi @mapa_test,

can you let us know what version of TouchDesigner and on what hardware you are running.
It can also be helpful to link to the Tutorials you are working on.

Can you try dragging the pointRender Component from the Palette>PointClouds into your project and see if it is rendering something?

There is a multitude of other possibilities like not having specified a material.
You should be able to post a file now, that would help with analyzing your issue as well.


I think the values in the pointcloud might be to large. The rabbit instance-viewer has quite a high number in the axis-indicator. Try putting a low value like 0.001 in the geometryComp to reduce the scale.

I’m not sure which version you’re running, but there is a known bug in the current experimental release ( 2023.11220 ) that prevents the rendering of Point Clouds. It’s a bug in the Add SOP that causes it to not actually add a point to the scene as it should.

We’ve got a fix for this coming in the next 2023 release.

If this is the case, you can work around it somewhat by using small sphere as your point instead of the single vertex. Just make sure to reduce the detail and size of the default sphere.