Poll: MadMapper input for Touch

I’ve been in contact with the developer of MadMapper and he will consider porting MadMapper to Windows and will add either DirectX shared texture or Sharedmem so Touch could output to it but wants to know if there will be enough users to justify the port.

For those of you that don’t know what MadMapper is,its an incredible piece of software that allows mapping onto 3 dimensional surfaces very quickly with perspective correction. madmapper.com/

If you feel you would use MadMapper with Touch if it was ported please respond to this post.

If not please don’t respond so I only have to look at the number of replies rather than having to read each post to get an accurate count.


Yo Keith! - I put in a vote for this. A surprising amount of people using Resolume+Quartz on the mac side of things, would really like an integration path for Touch/Resolume on Windows. I believe it would have much appeal from the VJ spectrum. (including myself)

I’m in, as well. Let me know if you need any beta testing guinea pigs or any other help with the project.

Thanks again, Keith!

It will be a great addition.


Yes. Count me in as a guinea pig as well

certainly sounds like a good thing to push support for. It would really only be useable if Syphon like texture sharing speeds were achievable. I think there is a good DirectX style one, and I know the ability is there for OpenGL on windows, but I usually have poor results using shared memory textures between touch instances, so it would have to be faster than that.

Regardless, I’m all for further connectivity and interoperability between programs and tools!

088 has the DirectX Out TOP, which uses DirectX GPU->GPU memory sharing. No texture downloads like in the Shared Mem TOPs.

yes, it is very good addition!

Just to let everyone know it will use the new DirectxOut feature in Touch in order to have a faster transfer.

Did we convince them ?


No the developer I’ve been talking with (the actual developer of MadMapper) would like to do it and thinks it’s worth but the owners of MadMapper (GarageCube) don’t want to.

But we have some other ideas in the works. Possible true 3d mapping plugin for Touch (I guess MadMapper isn’t actually fully 3d mapping ). Were talking about building a plugin where you specify a model with textures applied and then the C++ top will output the correct image according to projector placement/keystone/distortion/focal length etc…

Were also writing two plugins write now that will send video to/from Touch to/from a FFGL app such as Resolume. The Resolume to Touch is sharedmem but the Touch to Resolume will use the new Directxout TOP. I’m running the toTouch plugin right now and it’s working great! I’ll keep the forum posted, they both should be available in a couple of weeks.


Hey Keith,

I’m also working on something like this for TD (full 3d mapping). Features developed for a specific project. I’m considering release later.

Sounds like a number of people are on this road.
3D Projector calibration, automated edge blending, light maps, shadow filling etc…

Drop me a note.

Kieth, I wish I could like your comment on this forum! haha. Please keep us posted and reach out if you are looking for alpha testers. I am looking forward to hearing your progress

That would be awesome!
Not just for Touch but for others applications that we could use with madmapper in windows

It’s also awesome that some people are working on full 3d mapping but it could be also interesting if someone could work on a simpler 2d mapping for touch just like madmapper, wich is amazing when we need to do a really fast mapping

Anyone working around or is there some way to input Touch on Resolume Arena?

I’m going to have two FFGL plugins soon for Touch->Resolume, Resolume->Touch. There costing me a bit of money to get built so I’ll be asking something for them. I have the Resolume->Touch working now.

You can try Kantan mapper for 2d Mapping/Masking. It’s in the components forum.


one more vote, even so that GarageCube doesn’t want to give away MadMapper to the competition on Windows side…

really love the interface and capabilities of MadMapper

what about Touch Designer 099 on Mac? :wink:

That’s very nice Keith!
Let us know when you finish those Touch/Resolume plugins.
I’m really interested!!

What competition on Windows side ruigato?
I believe that if the guys of MadMapper finally port it to windows a looot more people would use it, it is much better than any software for simple mappings that I know on windows.

yup, i’m talking about possible competition between Modul8 + MadMapper, and TouchDesigner + MadMapper. Modul8 is mac only, and developed by Garagecube

Really old thread but I thought I’d add that Madmapper is still one of the quickest ways to map something. I would love a touch framework that achieves what madmapper does with comparable performance, but as it stands even the stoner (or a single surface for madmapper) is very resource hungry in Touch and in many cases not very practical when dev time is accounted. I can only assume that this is due to CPU mesh manipulation in touch as opposed to opengl in madmapper. GPU SOPs would make touch competitive in this regard, right?

Yes, please input for touch.
Actually I must admit buying Madmapper over Touchdesigner for christmass since now working on windows.
Best piece of software ever, reliable, ease of use, price is right 400£ you get it for life. real workhorse
I messed a lot with touchdesigner for mapping, for me far too messy to use.
the more simple the controls, the more it helps to do complicated mapping.
Now I’m trying to get the camSchnappr to line up with madmapper so we can use both in parallel, use physics and experiment…
I will buy touchdesigner eventually no worries. I could take flight to india every year with that kind of money for now.

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