Polling movie metadata from file system

Maybe theres already a way to do this, but would be helpful in some situations to be able to get info about a movie like resolution, length, rate, etc, without having to load a file.

could you use something like this?


you open the file to read but it might be faster than bringing them into td?

Worth a shot, thanks man.

Nice find!

thanks. Inspired by this I found Hachoir-metadata for python3.

Some example output: hachoir3.readthedocs.org/en/lat … mples.html

@nettoyeur I have tried using hachoir3 and was able to successfully import hachoir.metadata, but I’m unclear on how to get metadata from a video file using this module. Is this something you have set up successfully, and if so, are you able to share any examples?

You can copy the metadata example code from the documentation on this page (it’s the first example):

@nettoyeur Excellent, this worked great for me. Thanks!

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