Polyhedra Database

The platonic, archimedean and catalan solids procedurally modeled with TD!

I was propelled into the 3rd dimension though subjectively beyond by Rodney’s back pad.
Luckily for some, I was able to partially keep my sanity and to solidify these 32 weird-but-cool geos from the experience.

You can dive in/out these objects with the wheelin’ of a mouse; oPbvious, right?

feedback, comments & suggestions welcomed!

PolyhedraDatabase.tox (59.9 KB)


Holy Carp!

and to think just the other day we learned that some neutrinos went faster than light.

all bets are off!



maybe should be moved to the cosmic inspiration thread but…

the images are very interesting indeed!

Water is not just the foremother of every living thing, but comprising more than 70% of what we call ‘our’ body, it fairly rules our lives as the major shareholder. We may just be at her service, corporizing and impersonating her nature and fantasies while she drives us downriver and back into the ocean until we become salty water again. So she’ll be laughing forever longer in this cycle.
So yah yah, its freedom of expression, its beautifully reflected skies and its ability to swing seam enviable, but is water’s flowy spirit as free and spontaneous as it sounds?
Can a shadow government be cast on a transparent substance?
The pics on the link remind us that water too is strictly governed by the matrix’s hidden patterns. Geometry and more precisely symmetry rule this universe, which by definition is not very tolerable. So for example if you are a sinewave that has just climbed to +1, well, the matrix will be watching you until you dive to exactly -1, and so forth. Somewhere inside water’s idyllic transparency, crystal structures harder than bones, are chained to each other and herd towards the exact choreography that satisfies its whatever-but-never-changing equation. :ugeek:

But where were we?

OK, back to earth, the idea behind my PolyhedraDatabase.tox was to aknowledge the constant value and potential of geometry (so there’s room for geometry related posts I guess)and to recall TD’s strong 3d roots through the use of SOPs.
It’s almost a modeling tutorial; it also implements a simple cubic mapping that could serve as an example.


Nice job. The polyhedra are great and the rendering is awsome. Now I need to apply those rendering techniques.


No teapot? :laughing:

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Beautiful! - thanks so much!

Hey Felix, really happy to have landed here after a conversation with Noah Norman about your polyhedra which still is blowing minds. Please get in touch! I was trying to reach you last year and everything bounced back.