PosiNet Chop + ArtNet : Can't receive data simultaneous

Hi! I was wondering if someone got a similiar issue where we can not receive posinet and arnet data simultaneous. All data is coming in (we used wireshark to sniff all incoming udp packages) but for some reason posinet only picks up the broadcasted data when we disable the incoming artnet.

We’ve tried connecting different network adapters on different ip adresses, but since a wysiwyg system (which is connected to the same network) does pick up all the data. Could it be that the posinetChop is picking a network adapter by default? or internally routes all incoming data to this chop?


Hey @yfxlab,

thanks for reporting this! We’ll have a look at it.


It’s possible that it’s a network adapter issue, but that doesn’t really help explain why Art-Net would stop you from receiving PSN packets in TD.

Are the Art-Net packets being broadcast on the network? And are you using the default PSN configuration port 56565 and as the multicast address?

Thanks for getting back on this Eric!
Yes, we’re using the default ports. Can’t get my head around it :frowning: We’re doing some more tests and will either get back to you with a more detailed description of the problem. Or write down the problem and solution we found for other people who encounter the same thing.

One question though, if there are multiple network cards inside the pc (both with different IP ranges), and we send out a broadcast signal from an external source. Does TD listen to all incoming broadcasts across all cards or does it only look at let’s say the first adapter available?

Thanks again for stepping in.

Some network “in” OPs (like the OSC In CHOP) have a local address parameter to select from which network interface they receive packets, but for the others, including the PosiStageNet CHOP, they listen/receive packets from all local network interfaces.

super! thanks for confirming that!

@yfxlab We gave this another shot a reproduce and still can’t, so we closed the issue. If you can narrow it down and find a more reproducible case please post it here and we’ll pick it back up.

Hi @eric.b,

I’m on TD 2022.26590 and I was able to receive PSN only when I first disable all the other network interfaces except the one that’s receiving PSN packets.
Like @yfxlab did, I was able to see the PSN packets on Wireshark as well.

Could this have changed over time?


Ah, okay. It’s probably the same issue as this:

But the PosiStageNet CHOP does not have a local address parameter, so I will add one.

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