pre_read_fails from moviefilein top

I’m getting random (but often) occurrences of movie files failing to preload an image. When this happens, I see a “pre_read_fails” channel pop up in an info dat attached to the movie file top. The channel immediately begins incrementing every single frame.

I’ve set a chopexec to automatically reload the the movie file whenever the pre_read_fails channel is bigger than 0. This seems to correctly load the image, and the pre_read_fails stop occuring.

I can’t find any reference to this channel in the docs, and interestingly when the movie file is working correctly, this channel isn’t available at all in the info dat. I’m trying to track down why I’m getting so many failures when preloading. Is there any reference on this channel, or any logs it might be dumping error information to?

This channel should be visible on any movie file that is opened. Image files won’t have it though.
This channel means the file reader failed to read a frame from the file. Do you have a sample file that exhibits this behavior that you can share?

Hi Malcolm,

I’ll try to get a simplified version of the file made up that exhibits the behavior and upload it