Preset Manager

Releasing a very basic version of this to see if it’s a path worth following. Simply drag and drop parameters you want saved/recalled onto the container. You can manually save and recall with the buttons, or use MIDI, so presets are saved/recalled with particular MIDI notes.

In the future you will be able to add COMPs and automatically pull all their custom parameters (right now it’s causing some issues when used with other operator parameters), a full interface for editing parameter values in any preset while not in the preset, and a robust, per-preset save/recall scope, allowing you to choose which parameters are saved and recalled.
Preset_Manager_Beta_4.0.tox (7.01 KB)

I like it! Is there a way to delete them once they’re dragged in?

There’s not a great way to do that right now, that’ll come with an interface and some fixes to the extensions.

here’s a rough way to do it.

list = op('preset_manager').ParSet

for item in list:
     if == 'name of parameter as string':

you can alter that to include the owner so you don’t delete parameters with the same name that belong to different operators. i’ll write a couple functions to make this easier this weekend.

That’s great! Super handy, thank you for making this!