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Preset System

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.The companion is now more responsive and displays, if a preset exists, based on the preset-component.
.You can now in- and export your stored presets. They are saved in a JSON.File and can also be edited from outside.

Thank you, this works much better for me than the presets in the palette browser!

Any pointers how I can change the minimum and maximum recall time from the standard 0.1 - 300?

Hiho, glad you like it.
A fade in 0 is currently not possible, but will be in the next version.
To change the max time just find the timerslider
‘presetFader/ui/recall/sliderHorz’ right click to customize component and edit the Value0 range to your liking.

In the next version i will remove the clamping for the maximum value so you can just set the value by hand.

.The fadetime is not dynamic and takes the cook time into consideration. With fluctuating FPS the fadetime will not change.
.Fadetime of 0 is now Possible and instantly snaps to the wanted value.
.You can now drop a Component into the stack to load all customparameters.
.Recording will no longer autodelete the stack, but this is now a toggle in the menu.
.You can now label the buttons in the dashboard.
.Added a Cuelist.
.Fadetime maximum is no longer clamped.


Update 2_41:
presetFader :
.now works with a list insteadt of a dat.
You can delete presets from the stack and change the behavior on recall
dashboard :
.now runs on the listCOMP. Improvement in performance!
.labeling a preset now sets the field into focus and reacts to enter.
cuelist : .you can now select a cue which will be fired as the next cue when pressed go.
.the behavior on end can be changed to either loop, jumping to the beginning on end, oder end, ending the progression when the last cue is reached.
.record presets directly from the cuelist and name them.
cuelistProgressor : .small component to automaticly progress the cuelist on a given time or on BPM-Speed.

Hi, this is just what I was looking for, thanks a lot for sharing! But the zip for version 2.41 seems to be corrupted. Could you check, please?

In what way corrupted? I tried my local version and the uploaded one and it works. Will Check with another computer.
If nothing works, try this one: (622.9 KB)

Update: It seems like this might be a problem with the website itself. When i download the file with edge for example i get two files, one incomplete and one complete. Gonna reupload the file to be sure.

Same problem with the link you provided… :frowning:

Hi alphamoonbase, it seems that the json files in your zip prevented it from unpacking properly. It was not possible to extract/copy them from the zip. Windows 10 showed me an “unknown error 0x80004005”. But I was able to extract the tox files (I copied them from the zip to another folder) and they seem to work. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info. That sounds weird indeed. Is there anyone who can reproduce the problem? (I can’t :\ )

Just want to say thank you, I’ve been looking for a convenient way to store cues for quite some time, even tried ChamSys’ MagicQ and Ableton, which are quite clunky for my workflow

Glad you like it and helps you in your work :slight_smile:
I’m currently working on implementing a preloading mechanism (esp. useful for the CueList). Feel free to post Bugs you find and if you have any wishes or improvements for the future!

Great to hear that
Also discovered your UI Designer, can’t thank you enough, actually :slight_smile:

New Version hits the store. Now added curves for fading between values. This greatly improves smoothnes when using an scurve (acceleration and breaking after start and before the end.)

.Added curved fading, You can choose between linear, s-curve, root and exponential.
.Parameter now only get applied on recall, not while saving. This should fix the error when loading the Engine with some presets inside into another project. Non existing parameter will be ignored on recall.

hi, there!

i am really happy with all features included into the last update of Tau Ceti Preset Engine. congrats to all the great work!! :sunny:

but, actually, i am struggling to understand a constant problem that is happening with presetFader into perform mode, which is: sometimes (couldnt identify why or when) the stack opens without any parameters inside, and I need to get out of perform mode, open the presetFader viewer and push Load / Go for it to recalls all the parameters back.

as I am developing a base for multiple computers, it is essential that the perform mode always remembers all the parameters inside presetFader.

note: LoadStackonRecall is on and clearStackonRecall is off

does anyone ever had the same problems?
is there any other way i guarantee that all my parameters are always into the stack?

as i am only displaying the presetCueList, I dont have direct access to the Load / Go into presetFader.

thank you!

@novasfronteiras Thanks, and glad your like it.
What exactly do you mean by “opens” ? On Startup or does the stack get cleared sometime during the execution?
When you have, for whatever reasson, an empty preset stored, and recall it with LoadStackOnRecall it wilöl clear the stack. That might be a reason. You can Export the presets as a JSON file and feed it into a json viewer to see iv there are any empty ones.
About the sartup I will have a look. What version are you sing?

thank you for the response @alphamoonbase

the stack is clear on startup.
i am using the presetFolder to address a lot of parameters and video files on a folder in the same root as the .toe player. if I change the videos, or send the .toe to another computer, sometimes it get the stack full and sometimes empty.

but, if it starts working, it continues working normally during the execution.

i also tried to exchange all the videos in the folder with others, and there are times that it get working and others not.

any ideas?
would like some specific example?

i am using version 2019.36500, but possible to update soon to the 2020 builds

I think it would be the best if you can send me some examples. Also, do you get any error messages when opening the toe on another PC? Are the .toe files identical?

What it should do is storing the stack on save and on exit. But, I just saw this, i’m storing the object refference to the parameter. This might be problematic in your case.

What you def. can do for now is taking care of the reloading yourself. Store one preset with all the needed parameter as “LoadStack” or something and use an executeDAT with a delayed script on start-

Currently im building all my components in 2019.19930

I changed the way the last stack is stored on save and exit: Give it a try, hope that helps:
presetFader.tox (251.5 KB)
For using the newer version you can just export all your presets as JSON files and reimport them after you placed the new version.

Also: Just wondering. Do you also store presets from the Cuelist? At least for recall you will not need the pars in the stack.

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