Problem Reusing ".tox" Components in Project

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Newbie here, maybe you could help me with this question / problem:

My situation
Basically I have a complex Base component (eye_all), but would like to have 2 instances of that component. I’ve saved it as a .tox file, but when I import it to the project it seems to basically copy the .tox into the project, with no link or anything.

Because it’s copied into the project, I just have 2 instances of eye_all that are both editable, meaning I need to maintain both copies of the component

Is there a way to have a “single source of truth”? so I can edit the base component and changes are reflected in the used instances of that component?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :pray:

I think I found a good solution using “Clone Master” in the “Comp > Common” tab :tada:

When the master is modified, the clones are updated to match!

cloning is the common way to do this, yes. You can also point a component to the external tox file with the settings below Clone Master.