Problems with Engine and parameter binding

I am attaching simple scene showing two major issues with Engine COMP and parameter binding. Please feel free to take a look inside of this toe file as everything is explained there. I am using version 2020.22080 on Windows 10. Thanks
engine_bind_par.2.toe (4.4 KB)
base_binded_par.tox (414 Bytes)
base_constant_par.tox (406 Bytes)

Thanks for these, and your other reports and their helpful demonstrations.

  1. (Bindings custom parameters) There’s a bug in that we should show an error for this, because the .tox is the top-level component as far as TouchEngine is concerned, so parent().par.Test doesn’t resolve to anything.
  2. (Toggle parameter ignores binding) yes, this is definitely broken

Both fixed in the next release.

Great, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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