Problems with instancing colours (r,g,b,a) on "geo" / Instance 2. // Error: All OPs must generate the same number of instances

Hey there, I tried to do this tutorial:
YOUTUBE # Image Instancing – TouchDesigner Tutorial 26
bileam tschepe

At minute 14:50, whilst inserting (r,g,b,a) the displayed animation in the background disappears and the error is shown on GEO(COMP).

Error: All OPs must generate the same number of instances (have the same lengths).

Any suggestion or is it a bug? it seems to work in the tutorial.

I double-checked if I have done everything the same. And yes, everything is exactly as shown in the tutorial of elekktronaut…

I have a little universityproject on thursday 22th, and it would be amazing if anybody could please help me with that issue.

thank you so much.

all the best, and I am glad to slowly enter in this world :slight_smile:

Can you post your .toe file so we can see where you are at?

Hi, I solved the issue with another solution. I used the Imagereveal technique that Elektronaut released recently. It did the job :slight_smile:

Hi Sirom,

just in general - this error happens if any of the sources you specify as Instancing Ops have a different amount of data points in them. In Bileam’s tutorial you are using TOPs for the instancing so most likely some of the TOPs you are using have a different resolution. You can always check by middle-mouse-clicking onto the operator and checking the resolution and the pixelcount there.
For Instancing to work, all operators uused as a source must have the same size.


Hey sorry to bother you again after a long time. But I came across exactly the same problem, and I tried to adjust every OP to the same resolution, but it still couldn’t work. Could you please help me with that?

Hey @Battery_F,

can you post the file or more detail - that would make it easier to track down the issue.


Thanks for your reply! I tried to upload my file but new users can’t put links in posts. Could you please give me an e-mail address so that I can send it to you?

You should now be able to post a file.

NewProject.3.toe (6.0 KB)
Thanks for checking it out!!

Hey @Battery_F

looking at the CHOPs “null2” and “scale” it shows that the “null2” CHOP has 16384 samples while the “scale” CHOP has 1638400 samples. Both need to have the same amount.

Also of note is that Instancing accepts all kinds of operator faimlies as input, you can pass TOPs, CHOPs, SOPs or DATs - so no need to convert to CHOPs and save some cycles.


Thanks so much for your reply!! I’ve fixed it!!

Hi, im having the same error and checked my samples they seem the same.
if anyone could help it would be highly appriciated. also i cant upload the toe.file

Hey, can you post your .toe file so we can take a look?

i cant because we cant upload links apparently…

Hi there @malcolm @snaut or anyone else willing to help a fella out

I’m having the same problem and not really understanding why.

I’ve followed this tutorial

and when I drag my color null (ramp) into the colorOP instance of my geo node like in the tutorial @ 12:12

“All OPs must have the same number of instances” appears on my geo node and the sim goes black.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! I would attach my toe but it won’t let me. I can send it to you on discord however @ sir_bop if anyone sees this lol

Hi @tompjaa,

you should be able to upload the file now.

Middle-mouse clicking onto operators will give you information like resolution. As you are using Instancing and getting the error, this points to the different TOPs you are using being of differing resolution.


Hello, I´ve followed the Pointclouds (without lidar) Tutorial from supermarketsallad, and I have the same message once I apply the texture 3d top. I would really appreciate if anyone can help me to fix this issue.

Thank you!

pointcloud.toe (5.8 KB)

Hi @andros95,

in the video he mentions that he adds a Texture 3D TOP to two both, the position and the color…


Wow thanks for the reply! Here is my toe
allopserror.1.toe (6.8 KB)

Middle mouse clicking they all seemed to be at 256 resolution to me

Hey @tompjaa,

I’m guessing the error happens when you drag the blur1 TOP or the colorss TOP onto the “Color OP” parameter?

These have a resolution of 1280x720 while the rest is 256x256…