Problems with instancing colours (r,g,b,a) on "geo" / Instance 2. // Error: All OPs must generate the same number of instances

Hey there, I tried to do this tutorial:
YOUTUBE # Image Instancing – TouchDesigner Tutorial 26
bileam tschepe

At minute 14:50, whilst inserting (r,g,b,a) the displayed animation in the background disappears and the error is shown on GEO(COMP).

Error: All OPs must generate the same number of instances (have the same lengths).

Any suggestion or is it a bug? it seems to work in the tutorial.

I double-checked if I have done everything the same. And yes, everything is exactly as shown in the tutorial of elekktronaut…

I have a little universityproject on thursday 22th, and it would be amazing if anybody could please help me with that issue.

thank you so much.

all the best, and I am glad to slowly enter in this world :slight_smile:

Can you post your .toe file so we can see where you are at?

Hi, I solved the issue with another solution. I used the Imagereveal technique that Elektronaut released recently. It did the job :slight_smile:

Hi Sirom,

just in general - this error happens if any of the sources you specify as Instancing Ops have a different amount of data points in them. In Bileam’s tutorial you are using TOPs for the instancing so most likely some of the TOPs you are using have a different resolution. You can always check by middle-mouse-clicking onto the operator and checking the resolution and the pixelcount there.
For Instancing to work, all operators uused as a source must have the same size.