Processing the weight from a scale: Am I doing it right?

I’m using a scale which sends data over a serial interface (RS-232) in a simple format (e.g. “001250” for 1250 g) and at a frequency of 60 Hz.

For testing purposes, I’ve modified the “new project” template (the one with the jelly beans) and replaced the Noise CHOP with the following operators:

  • a Serial DAT to receive the weight values from the scale,
  • a DAT to CHOP to convert these values
  • and a Math Chop to adjust the range to 0 to 1 (same as the Noise CHOP).

I can now control the displacement of the image by applying force to the scale. It works really well and is a lot of fun. I’ve made a short screen recording and uploaded it to YouTube.

However, as I’m total beginner, I’m wondering if there’s a more efficient way to achieve the same result? In particular, I tried using a Serial CHOP but can’t get it to work as expected.

Thank you!