Program has been working for over a year, and now, frame dropouts when saved

I have had a project up and running, problem free, for over a year. It is a permanent install, projection mapping, 5 projectors, with a client interface where they can schedule specific media.

No hardware or version changes, and as far as I can tell, nothing has changed on the media server.

The Machine has always run version 2021.16410

A few days ago, the client reported jerky playback. Looking at performance, it is dropping frames and playback goes up and down, but drops to 15fps every few seconds. Digging down, the Movie File In top seems to be the culprit. Long CPU and GPU cook times. The performance monitor also shows “waiting for Frame for…” and long (eg 30ms) times.

The weird thing is, older versions (beyond a certain date) of the same file work fine. That is until you save them. Then when you reload the newly saved file, the problem starts up again.

I can successfully run a later/faulty version of the software on an exact copy of the media server I have here. If I copy it back, then no go.

I have tried re-saving the file in a newer version and running on my machine here, but i get even worse of the same problem. Down to 1fps . Have not looked too far into this, as it might be a separate problem.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

I would highly suggest sensing a mail to with as much information as you can send:
PC-Specs, OS-Version, Complete Example Projectfile, Forcing a DMP-File etc.
Esp in cases like this they are super helpful and often the direct line is quicker then using the forum (esp because you can share specific contents.)

Cheers. Will do

Sounds like a ssd problem to me. I mean if nothing has changed to your patch I’m pretty sure the problem is outside TD, look for h/w issues, maybe run some tests on the pc

Also try connecting an infoCHOP to your moviefilein, there is a lot of valuable info there, for example disk read related info, you would be able to see if it takes longer than it’s supposed to, or just simply compare the output of the infoCHOP’s on that server and your copy which you say runs without problems.