Programmatically add/edit iops/ipars

Currently all the iop/ipar related python attributes are read only, and while you can edit the default single iop fields of a comp, you cannot programmatically add more. Best would be a method to cover adding an iop to an empty slot, and if there is none add a new one.

I normaly simply set up a store in the project as an iop and do all refferences from there. Has the added benefit of being more visible as a single source.


Thanks I’ve used this and is a good alternative. However I still think it could be nice. In general if I see something in TD I can click, I expect to do the same through python :slight_smile:

Hi, in order to increase the sequence, you can use the sequence class.

In your case it might look something like:

n = op(‘/project1/geo1’)
n.parGroup.iopshortcut1.sequence.numBlocks += 1


Thanks Rob!