Project cant access resources on PC

Hi there.

We have a server where we are having issues with low frame rate on a project. TD only uses 50% of the GPU (Invidia K5000), 10% of the CPU and there are plenty of RAM left. The server has been used for other heavy TD stuff, so are there any ideas of what to do?

The projects perform better on a way slower labtop. We have tried these two builds 2019.37030
and 2019.33020. problem is the same.



Use the Performance Monitor to see what is taking a long time to cook, that will at least narrow down the “what” is working slowly, then we and turn to the “why”.

This is heavy:

Rendering a window takes 50%
Forcing nodes to cook on start frame
one OPview takes a lot
Syphon / spout

Something could be up with your GPU on the new system and having trouble with the Spout. If you bypass or disable the Syphon/Spout OPs do you get all your performance back?