Projecting shadows on top of another geometry

Say I have two geo nodes,
one using instances with particles, the other with a Box Sop,
I want the particles to project shadows onto the Box Sop Geo,
how can I do that?
thank you :slight_smile:


  • 1 geo node uses instancing with box particles, hundreds of thousands
  • the other geo node has a simple extruded box that is like the stage within which the particles move.

I need to hundreds of thousands of particles to cast shadows over the stage, but it wont happen

I thought the problem was happening also without the particles, but no actually without the particles its working mmm

boxextrudewithshadow.19.toe (7.2 KB)

see the toe attached,

  • how do I make the soft shadow work properly, and be way more soft?
  • why cant i make this work with instanced particles? what if i want soft shadows to be projected onto the internal walls of that box but not by that little box but my thousands of instanced particles on a different geo, what do I have to do to make that work?

thank you :slight_smile:

boxextrudewithshadowv2.31.toe (7.4 KB)

I can project shadows of the particles like we see on this .toe,
but they behave strangely… like the shadow may fall on the ground, but then I rotate one of the elements and the shadow seems to fall on the wrong place then…