Projection Mapping onto a sphere

Dear Touch designer forum,
I hope you are well. Can someone tell me the quickest and simplest way to projection map this onto a sphere, I made it with Flex. I don’t want to sacrifice quality so I don’t mind if there is no simple or quick way and I have a massive learning curve ahead of me (pun intended!) .I reckon Ill need four projectors right? What if I wanted to project map onto the surface of a sphere FROM inside the sphere so it glowed?

thanks! Gus

This workshop by Richard should bring you on the right track.
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perfect thankyou so much!!!

So I watched it and very informative it is. But how do I get the flex sphere to split into four separate surfaces of a sphere? At the moment it’s just looking at a sphere from one angle as you can see from the vid in my first post ?

You’ll need to add more camera’s to your project. So if you want 4 projectors you’ll need 4 cameras, where each camera is aligned to a projector (position and lens parameters). This way each camera sees exactly the same pixels as each projector will be projecting. So now you can create a TOP output for each projector