Projector Control

Hey everyone,

We needed some projector control in TouchDesigner via RS232.
We only needed few commands that would be useful in a realtime environment, but we figured we’d allow for a few more functions of a user’s choice, and post it up in case anyone else finds it useful.

There is a ‘User Setup’ section in the readme, so if you’ve found a useful set of commands for your projector, you can add them here so others can see.

It has been tested with a few projectors we had on hand, but if anyone feels like testing it with their projectors, we can make sure it works with a broad range of brands. … or-Control


@mattias sorry to revive an old thread but I found I have the Tox from HQpro in my tools but have never used it. None of my current PC’s or Mac’s have an RS232 port. I am wondering if you can recommend a USB to RS232c converter with driver for Win 10 that you know works with this tox? Or should I just buy something generic and hope the driver works ok?

Any advice appreciated.

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