Propagate warning message

Hello community,

I am actually building a TOX file. This tox get its data from an OSC stream.
For many reasons, the user can be unable to bind its OSC connection. In this case, the OSCin node show a warning message which is very useful to understand the error.

How can i propagate this message to parent ? And parent of parent ? (In order to show it in my base COMP node)

Thanks for your help :grinning: :smiley:

You can try using an Error DAT to show the warning, and use a bit of python in the callback function of the Error DAT to set the flags you want in the parents.

Another (maybe easier) option is to place an Info CHOP and point it to the node that gives a warning - usually there are channels for ‘warning’ and ‘error’ which are 0 or 1.

I tried the error DAT solution which is the behavior I’m looking for.

I have an error while I’m trying to access my base COMP node with the addWarnings(msg) function :

td.Error: Cannot set warning outside of cook. Value:'Unable to bind to port error : Access denied' Type:<class 'str'>

It is the same error describe in this post of the forum : [Win10 64; 099 2019.20140] - addWarning(), addError()

any idea ?