Provide "Header only" td module

I’m trying to work with python linter in vscode, but it’s very hard with td, because every time you say import td, linter gives you a module import error. That gave me an idea that actually if I create next to my external python files and this file will only have class names/method names and return value types and will just say pass for all function bodies this will satisfy the linter. And then I just never put my into touchdesigner itself and everything is working great!

Now, I can technically do it myself by manually creating such a file or by scraping the content of the wiki with a very complicated python script that looks for some character sequences. But I think from derivative’s side having access to actual it might be as easy as writing a simple python script that automatically does it.

That would be so cool if that would be possible!


Totally agree with that

@Derivative it would be really great if you can provide a .pyi files to use it for type checking.

lets make TD development really professional :slight_smile: