Psycho Jelly - Offering TouchDesigner Services

Hey Touchdesigner Collective,

I’m Dom, founder of Psycho Jelly, the mad scientists of reactive media and interactive entertainment. For about 5 years, we’ve worked on interactive installations and visuals for live performance refining the practice in this exciting field. I wanted to extend our services to the collective for any programming and/or interactive content needs. We are based out of Austin, Texas and over the last couple of years we’ve been fortunate to have worked on projects with Disney, HBO, Meow Wolf, Fortnite, Bassnectar, Machine Gun Kelly, Verizon, Intel, Otherworld Ohio, Tipper and many other Projects. Our drive is in telling a good story with the use of technology. If you have a project and need some touchdesigner help feel free to reach out!

Here is a link to our site and reel.

Dom Davis

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Greetings from Dallas! Always nice to learn about other local (for Texas) companies.

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Nice site and reel. Good stuff! Keeping it in the books :slight_smile:

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Great to hear there’s more of us in this giant state. Feel free to reach out if you are ever coming through Austin!

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+100 internet points for Quatic - Amazing reel!

Thanks Derek! Botany’s a local fav of mine.