Publish/push parameters up a network

Currently there’s a lot of flexibility in terms of how parameters route around the place, but I think it could/should be much simpler for users to make parameters accessible at higher levels of the network.

This could be achieved by letting us publish/push/expose parameters to a chosen number of levels up as a menu item. Something like:
RClick Par–>“Push Parameter Up”–>User chooses parental depth to push up. This would then be a custom par at the level chosen, every level to the level chosen, or root.
Like I said, I know there’s a bunch of more manual ways to do this but for what’s essentially an interface convenience I think this would make much more sense. How it fits into binding/exporting/referencing paradigms etc I don’t know, but it needs to be easier to do this IMO.

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You can right click on the component in the path window (top) of the network editor, press “Customize Component” end drop your parameter in this window and choose “Refference”.
So thats already pretty fast.

Two things. The first is that that’s great but it isn’t even remotely obvious. I think the goal for interfaces should be intuition. The second is that it doesn’t expose the par to every level as stated in the RFE.

Checkout parent and global shortcuts. Between these and the ability to drill into components i.e. op(‘baseExample’).op(‘target’).par.whatever, its pretty easy to reference things wherever you need to in your project. It may not be immediately the most intuitive thing, but like anything else, once you learn how it works it becomes second nature. All parameters are exposed to all parts of your network, just like all files on your computer are accessible if you know what folder you put them in. Good project management and structure allow you to lay things out however you choose, in a way that is intuitive to your workflow