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What about a web Gui that exposes some (custom) parameters ?
I find it really convenient at some point in VDMX for instance (based on OSC Query)
Though i am sure other software also have that option


I am digging up this thread :slight_smile:

Could be great to have some system to publish properties / parameters to a web page, like a tick box in front of every parameter enabling “publish to webpage” so it can be accessed from a browser.

See VIDVOX OSCQuery protocol (which other software uses as well like Madmapper, Millumin…)

Notch also have this feature but not based on OSCQuery as far as i know


This is unlikely something that Derivative will make for you. It is website programming rather then a touch addon.

Though this is a common need, I have done it a bunch of times.

You can easily get data from OSC apps like TouchOSC and use those to drive your parameters. This is the easiest way.

Usually for custom interfaces I use the UDP DAT’s to talk to a remote Node.js server that hosts a website and relays information back to touch designer.

I have gone so far as to collect all custom pars, package it into a json, and render it in HTML doms on a dynamic page. Take it as far as you want.

I have considered releasing this on the forum for a bit, maybe I will, not sure yet.

Others have rolled their own also, you can learn a bit of javascript and get it to talk to touch pretty easy. … hdesigner/ … esigner-WS


thanks for the reply.

Well this is not exactly the same use case in my opinion.

OSCQuery is opensource and tries to propose a standard to interconnect apps using OSC and it can also publish a webpage with the exposed controls.

One don’t always want to build his own web interface. There are lots of ways to build a great user interface on the web but i am talking about a way to easily and quickly (and sometimes ugly) way to remote control a project.

For example, i usually use TD as a media server for projecting visuals during concerts. Sometimes the artist needs the projection to start precisely at some point so i could quickly publish the play/pause control and let him trigger it from his computer/tablet/phone…

This is the same purpose as the Notch web publishing feature.

Nothing prevents user to build his own pretty and more complex webpage when needed.

The new experimental has a build in WebServer which can take care of all of that, but it is not stable right now and I do not know when it will enter the stable phase. I have a system like you want in the making an probably going to release it when it is stable enough.

do you mean like this?

yes, sort of… but much simpler in its essence in my opinion.
Like this example under VDMX

well, you are gunna have to make it yourself! Upload it to the forum when you’re done

Well this is an RFE. Just me sharing on some feature i find useful.
Take it… or not…
Just my 2 cents

Another interesting approach to this is RabbitControl (

I have created a TD component to expose custom parameters through OSC Query.
From there you can use a OSC Query client (e.g. Chataigne) to generate your controls for you.
There is also some web projects that can connect to a OSC Query server.

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That’s cool, never heard of osc query

I was thinking about revisiting this now that touch has a web-server DAT. I can’t quite get it to work but I was going to try to host a page with GUI.js and websockets or something (

But that OSCQuery stuff looks cool too.