Pulse and Momentary Custom Parameter Nitpicking


The pulse parameter “clicks” on up, whereas momentary “clicks” on down.

It is sometimes desirable to have a pulse on down behaviour. A tap-tempo for example.

In this case, we can switch over to using the momentary parameter but it will no longer respond to a .pulse() function.

I get that they are different parameters with different applications but it seems as though there should some kind of middle ground between the two.


I see what you mean. Would it solve your issue if pulse pars clicked on down? That seems the most straightforward change to me.

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It would.

My gut feeling regarding a pulse parameter is that it should click on down but I worry the change might mess with some other people’s patches particularly if they’ve got some kind of live-performance functionality based around it.

I think they could get used to it. Click on up is rarely nice for live performance, imo.

Playing with this I totally agree that the behavior should be more similar. Bind a momentary to a pulse and the pulse will fire when momentary is down.