Puntini -> Pixel poster

This patch was inspired by many posters I saw in a shop: on a black bacground there is a grid of coloured points.
Each point has a single color and there is some black margin from each other.
Even if the number of points is very low you can recognize the original picture.
I really liked the idea so I tried to make something similar with TD.

The container is called “puntini” (little points in Italian langiage) and it can transform any picture (or movie) in a “circle’s poster”.
Just put the original picture and set the parameters:
resolution -> the resolution of the output, try to catch the original pic ratio
marginPerc -> how much black margin, in percentage, you want between the circles (0 - no margin / 100 - as margin as the circles’ diameter)
pointFact -> the number of the points you want related to the output resolution (50 means resolution/50)

It can be evolved in many ways, for example using different geometric shape like squares or triangles.

Probably there are many bugs or many “not so optimized” issues, feel free to fix them and, please, inform me about updates.
puntini.zip (50.6 KB)

cool FX :wink: