Python Calling Save-As Function

I know I can use the: script to save my projects, my issue is that is just creates a new file with a number after it, I’m looking for a way to overwrite the original file, using a Save-As feature, Is there a way to run a Save-As script from within Python, Or would there be a way (without installing Python Modules) to send a keystroke of Ctrl+Shift+S upon a UI button press (essentially calling back the Save-As function)? Thanks

the save() method accepts an argument for path - so you should be able to pass the path of the file you’d like to overwrite. That said, according to the documentation save() should follow the same behavior as ctrl+s - saving your file plus an increment number. If you turn off file incrementing in your project settings this should prevent you from getting a version number appended to your file.

The UI Class has a method for file choosing - chooseFile()

This opens a dialogue to let you choose a file to load or save - you should be able to use this mechanic to make a simple custom “save-as” ui button.

Awesome! Thank you Matthew. I think toggling the sequential saving to off should get me what I’m after. :slight_smile: