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I think as a non-programmer I’ve been at times overwhelmed trying to find examples to specific situations. I realize this is a big transition period. Thought I would share a beginner experience. I’m not terribly good at reading manuals or learning in a linear fashion. Malcolm recently provided this example to my reply for Python example. Of UDP out:


That makes a lot of sense to me. I look at it and I think I pretty much get it. If I could type in ‘UDP’ in the WiKI and see that I would be on my way quickly, without really having to know a lot about the terms ‘methods’, ‘class’, etc. These are obviously fundamental concepts that need to be familiar, but I suggest that maybe for some non-programmer folks that more quick access to hypothetical examples would be extremely helpful. I can read what a ‘method’ is a hundred times but it just doesn’t stick until after I’ve been using it. I guess there’s nothing new I’ve said here, but hopefully this perspective is helpful to others.

Hey cod65, thanks for the comments, we are still trying to make all the new python help more easily accessible.

So I did try your “search for UDP”, and UDPoutDAT Class did show up but it is on the second page of results. I think this is because A) these pages are newer and have less views and B) they have less links to them so they score lower in the search results. We will try to improve on that.

In the actual UDPoutDAT Class help page, there is an example for each method, the send() method being the third thing listed. Do you find the page hard to parse, or the examples hard to understand? Any suggestions on improve the class page and examples to make them easier to understand? … tDAT_Class

Thanks Ben,

I realize while making my long-winded request I had blown by a few key help items:
‘C:\Program Files\Derivative\TouchDesigner088\Samples\Python’ is pretty much everything I was asking for.

Also key:

“Alternatively, right click on any node and select ‘Python Help…’”

What I was missing was quick access to an example. It’s all there, I just didn’t know it.
regards, cod

There’s still some merit to the OP’s suggestion in my opinion.
The documentation, particularly for python, seems very aptly termed. It seems more intent on getting it documented, in a reference style, than in a way that offers beginners solutions to common tasks.
I recommend a “sweet 16” most useful/common python functions to get people off the ground.