Python Expression to Input OP

Hi all,

I have a BASE OP connected to an OP Viewer. I’m trying to get parameters from the BASE OP to the OP Viewer via a Python expression because I have custom parameters for the BASE OP that I need both for children of the BASE OP as for the OP Viewer. After some research I thought that the expression


should work. But this gives the following error: td.tdAttributeError: ‘td.ParCollection’ object has no attribute ‘Positionx’.

I’m I trying via a wrong approach? This seems like something easy to solve.

Any help will be appreciated!

Can you post a screenshot and/or a toe file? Hard to grasp from your description.

In the screenshot below you can see that I use an expression for Left Anchor to get a parameter of the “sticker_1” OP connected to it. Is there a way to automatically get the “sticker_1” OP because it is an input to this OP?